The Church of Bahamut

The Church of Bahamut

Called, the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut is the god of justice, protection, nobility, and honor. Lawful good paladins often revere him, and metalic dragons worship him as the first of their kind. Monarchs are crowned in his name. He commands his followers thus:

  • Uphold the highest ideals of honor and jusice.
  • Be constantly vigilant against evil and oppose it on all fronts.
  • Protect the weak, liberate the oppressed, and defend just order.

In Port Haven, the church of Bahamut holds great sway over the people and those in power. Its churches are plentiful in all wards but the Trade Ward, its servants enjoy the respect of the people, and the King of Haven is made so in part by the blessings of Bahamut. The respect the church commands, and the power it holds over the King makes a career in the clergy a profitable one. Servants of Bahamut in Port Haven are given many tokens of appreciation by the people and those in power.

Church Hierarchy

The High Cleric resides in a veritable palace and holds considerable wealth. His role in the church and close alliance to the aging Lord grants him considerable authority. One of his noteworthy powers is that of a diviner. Gazing into his ‘crystal ball’ he sees all manner of possible futures. A small counsel of Poseks help interpret these visions, and will make proclamations or issue orders to Bahamut’s Hammer in hopes of preventing any calamity occurring.

The High Cleric’s subordinates are The Chancellors, each of whom have leadership roles in the wards of the city. Each ward has several temples, and these temples are presided over by a Primus.

The Primus are responsible for the holding services, managing their temples budget and ministering directly to the people. A Primus may have a number of clerics who work for them, administering healing, holding services in the absence of the Primus, and going into the streets of Port Haven to enforce Bahamut’s justice.

Paladins and fighters devoted to Bahamut along with a number of clerics form the military arm of Bahamut’s presence in Port Haven, called [[Bahamut’s Hammer]]. They work closely with the City Watch though they are in fact a distinct order. Aside from helping keep the Lord’s peace, Bahamut’s Hammer helps sniff out any traitors to the faith. Thanks to divinations passed down from the High Cleric, Bahamut’s Hammer can execute precision strikes against those practicing the black arts, or who might practice them soon.

The Church of Bahamut

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