Port Haven

Port Haven is the seat of power for the King, and The Church of Bahamut. It is a massive hub for trade and traffic, making it one of the biggest economies in the known world and thus home to many entrepreneurs, guilds and, of course, thieves. It is largest city in the Kingdom by far, both in population and size; sprawling farmlands extend outward in every direction and trains of wagons bring in food daily to feed the masses.

The walled portion of the city is divided into four quarters, or wards: North Ward, Trade Ward, South Ward and Castle Ward. The graveyard is an expansive portion of the city as well. Located between the Castle Ward and the South Ward, it is frequently referred to as the Ward of the Dead or the Fifth Quarter.

The stretch of road that runs along the west coast of the city and originally connected all the major docks is called the Mercantile Mile though in fact it stretches for several miles along the coast and many miles further south and north. Even as far north as Spearhold and as far South as Neb’nook they refer to the road as the Mercantile Mile. The Kingsroad runs east west through the city, passing through all wards but the South.

The King’s Council also convenes in Port Haven as needed to discuss matters of state.

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Port Haven

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