City Game

The Story So Far...

After traveling south from the Northern Wastes, Reijo and Tordek meet with Clesta and then Yuri together the four travel south to Port Haven. Not long after leaving they attempt to free Naga from Yuri’s slave ship, destroying the ship in the process, and recovering several polished black stones from the ship’s captain, Alroy.

Upon arriving Spearhold, a town some days north of Port Haven, Clesta purchases a charm made up of stones similar to the ones found on Captain Alroy and the party manages to line up a job with Kit and the Black Rock to Roads Freight and Ferry company. Later that evening, the four travelers are almost burgled by the Innkeep’s apprentice; a man in good enough standing in the community that accusing him of burglary results in an upset mob which must be calmed.

The next morning the company leaves Spearhold with Kit and Co. Along the road south they are attacked by fearsome goblins frenzied by Juice and heavily armed with castle-forged steal. Most of Kit’s company are slain in the attack, and Kit himself is grievously wounded. Tordek heals him, the leftover vials of Juice are buried and the party continues to Port Haven.

After arriving in Port Haven and receiving payment from Kit, the party spends some time with Efrem, a Halfling Primus in charge of one of the Bahamut temples in the South Ward. There Tordek holds a service and manages to infuse some portion of the congregation with the hope of a better life. Afterward Efrem expresses trepidation toward Tordek’s zeal. While he personally identifies with the tenants of the faith, he is also afraid of what disturbing the status quo might bring. He suggests that Tordek and his friends seek out several of his like-minded Primuses to see what consultation they have.

The same day Clesta asks about the possibility of an audience with the King and discovers there is a long wait list; this list could be circumvented with a little monetary incentive on the order of $1000 gold.

The next day, the party decides first to seek out Kit in hopes of further employment. They find him on their way there, seeking them for the same reason. It seems another one of Black Rock’s convoys was hit not far from town. Odric Choppa, the company’s owner, has asked for some help getting the goods back, and Kit thought the adventurers would be resourceful enough to handle the job. After accepting, the adventurers decided to wait until night fall to hit the warehouse.

In the interim they went to visit one of the Primuses Efrim had mentioned, Selina. Selina is skeptical of Tordek’s resolve and his ability to handle the threats of violence in store for those wishing to change the system. She echoes Efrim’s desire to see the changes happen. But, like Efrim, she has seen upstarts like Tordek with delusions of grandeur get destroyed by the powers that be too often to believe he’s any different. If Tordek wants Selina’s support, he will have to prove that he can get his way out of some tough spots, with physical force if necessary.

That night, the party sneaks up on the warehouse exterior and, with only mild commotion, manages to handle the guards outside. After breaking into the warehouse, handling its occupants and recovering Kit’s stolen goods the players discover a storehouse of illegal noc salts, which they summarily burn along with the warehouse. As they leave the warehouose, Tordek shouts a warning to the city that redemption is coming by his hand. They then rendezvous with Kit receive their payment and retire for the evening.

The next day is spent planning and handling outstanding issues. Clesta visits Madam Maison and learns of the nature of her Lodestones. The handful found on Captain Alroy are actually artifacts from the tower of Yod the Weird. Those in the charm Clesta purchased bear glyphs representing enduring death, fire and destruction of soul. Maison offers to buy Yod the Weird’s lodestones, and suggests they take care with the charm; it possesses a residual magical taint that suggests a lingering connection to its original owner.

Maison also offers a job to Clesta: find the man named Whyston. Whyston was an adventurer and artifact hunter who had claimed to find the tower of Yod the Weird and a number of his artifacts. Whyston started changing; he aged quickly and became slightly odd and recently went missing. Maison only knows that he used to spend a good deal of time drinking at the Bard’s Tavern on Scara Brae st.

Meanwhile Yuri pursued further job options from Kit. Yuri returns with a potential job: get
Templar Devron to speak out publicly against the North Sea Trading Company.

While discussing options in a quiet tavern a band of Bahamut’s Hammer soldiers barge in with orders to arrest the soon-to-be-criminal Rhiggard. The soldiers drag off Rhiggard and Yuri and Reijo follow them as far as the High Priest’s Palace. Tordek and Clesta remain behind to see what information they can glean from Rhiggard’s brother, (NAME?). This poor sot seems to be a drunkard, a gambler and potentially a womanizer. After several minutes of cajoling (NAME?) to talk about what’s going on, Tordek…threatens him? Then all depart, heading for Selina’s temple for Tordek’s next sermon.



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