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Hail, adventurers!

No one has any obligation to use this or update it. I’m mostly using it to keep my own records. However, if you want to contribute something, please do! If you’re getting into your character’s history and realize you want to talk about the town they grew up in, the castle where they first learned their trade, or the nefarious villain upon whom they’ve sworn a promise of vengeance, here’s the place to talk about it!

I would consider everything put up here public knowledge. If I’m feeling wealthy I’ll sign up for the super version which allows us to all keep and share secret information. So yeah. What’s here should be stuff that average citizens know. Here are some places to start:

This is a link to the Main Page of the wiki. Totally editable by you guys. Cool!
And then on the left there are the Adventure Log and Characters links. The Log and the Main Page are probably the places to start reading.

If you want to edit something there is a link on the top left of any page you visit. Click on that and then start typing. If you want to create a new page, surround a word (like a city or the name of a geographic area) in double brackets. This creates a link to a blank page titled with that word and you can start editing.

If you want to create a character, type their name, highlight it, and then click the Character Link on the right. It will allow you to link to an existing character or create a new one.

Have fun!

City Game

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